sábado, 10 de dezembro de 2016

Be a Cassini Scientist for a day

 The 'Cassini Scientist for a Day' competition returns for a 2016/2017 edition. The competition is designed to give the participants a taste of life as a space scientist. Students are invited to submit a 500-word essay explaining their choice of one of three targets imaged by the Cassini spacecraft, in orbit around Saturn, over the past few years.
Be a Cassini Scientist for a day
To enter the competition, school students (10 –18 years old) from participating countries need to find out as much as possible about the beautiful planet Saturn, its fascinating features, and mysterious moons. Students must then choose one of the three targets imaged by Cassini and write an essay to justify their choice to a panel of experts.

The closing date for the competition in these countries is 23:59 CEST, 3 April 2017. More.

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