domingo, 1 de junho de 2014

NASA Plans To Send People To Mars By 2035

NASA has recommitted itself to landing humans on Mars by 2035, but has admitted that this is a project that will require the world to work together. NASA's chief scientist Ellen Stofan gave a talk to the Royal Institution in London a fortnight ago, and video of the talk has now been released. "This is not something any one nation can do on their own," Stofan said. "It's something that humanity is going to do together." 
Stofan sees a Mars mission as a crucial part of the quest to answer the three questions she says turn up repeatedly in NASA's goals: “Are we alone, how did we get here and how does the universe work.” Mars is particularly important for answering the other two, she argued, although she also talked about the potential for life on Europa and EnceladusRead more.

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